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*If your party wish to have different cabin types let us know in the remarks.
Adult 1 (also billing address)
Only with rental bikes
Person 2

Are you booking for more than 2 persons, please fill out the names, date of birth and height at the remark section.


Cycletours offers different insurances.

1) Bicycle insurance only:
• Bike insurance (€ 20,- per hybrid bike / € 40,- per E-bike)

2) Cancellation insurance only (6,63% of total price, excl. 21% insurance tax and € 4,84 policy fee):
• Covers you for the costs of cancelling your tour for a reason covered by this insurance.

3) Bicycle and Cancellation insurance

4) Premium Package (14% of total price):
• Bicycle insurance
• Cancellation insurance
• Free rescheduling up to 2 weeks prior to departure
• Free cancellation up to 4 weeks prior to departure
• Balance payment due 28 days prior to departure (instead of 90 days)

*Please see our Insurances page for all details and conditions
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