The below mentioned is valid for our Bike & Barge tours on the following barges: Anna Antal, Clair de Lune, Liza Marleen, MS Provence, Sailing Home, Wending and Zwaan. If you need Covid-19 information for our other tours please contact us separately by email.

Although the rate of vaccinations is still growing in most countries in Europe (at the moment the Netherlands has a vaccination coverage rate of 87%) we have to conclude that unfortunately Covid-19 is and will remain with us for some time to come. This means that some measures to combat Covid-19 will most probably need to be around in 2022 also.

Nevertheless, we are optimistic about traveling in 2022. With the right measures, we can resume our cycling trips. We assure you that we will take all possible hygienic measures on board and we will follow the guidelines and regulations given by our government(s).

In 2021 we have successfully and safely organized cycling trips for our Dutch customers all over Europe while adhering to all Covid-19 protocols of our government and the governments of the countries we visited. We are convinced we can do the same in 2022 for our overseas visitors on our Bike & Barge tours in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

Our crew and tour guides will be fully vaccinated. We strongly advise our clients to be fully vaccinated too. If you are not vaccinated then under the current regulations you have to produce an official and negative PCR test each time you board the ship.

Since we do not know yet what exact guidelines and measures will be valid in 2022, we will only prepare a detailed protocol more closer to our first departure in April 2022. Our protocol will be in adherence with the protocols of both the Dutch Association of Travel Organizers (ANVR) and the association of commercial passenger sailing ships (BBZ).

It is the responsibility of every traveler to stay informed.

General and current travel information for the Netherlands, related to Covid-19, can be found on this website of the Dutch government. We recommend that you also check the website of your government and your country’s health authorities.

Travel information for other countries in Europe, related to Covid-19, can be found here: (official web site of the European Union)