Bike and Hotel tours

Cycling from hotel to hotel

When on a bike and hotel holiday in Europe you will be able to make use of an excellent infrastructure and spend the nights in comfortable hotels, whereas you will also get the chance to see Europe's traditional side: ancient monuments and little villages where time seems to have stood still while the surrounding world marched on.

Cycling holiday in Europe

The past is alive in Europe! You encounter stunning art and architecture everywhere, from ancient to contemporary. Almost every major civilization has left its marks in Europe: Greeks, Romans, Celts, Arabs; Popes, Kings and Emperors alike. Virtually every small town has its own monuments and places of interest. Festivals, expositions and theatrical shows are organized all year round.
If you are at all interested in art, architecture or theatre, Europe is the place to be.  

Almost every European country is famous for its rich and delicious cuisine. Every region has its own distinctive dishes and delicacies. Good food is an essential part in virtually every European's life, and much time and energy is put into it. Every country opens its arms widely to the visitor who is willing to taste and experience some 'couleur locale'. Want to see Europe through the eyes of the Europeans? Then eat as they do.

In addition, the best thing is being active: cycling across the continent! 

Our services on bike and hotel holidays

Furthermore, these trip packages include the following services:

  • overnight stays
  • bicycle or e-bike rental
  • route descriptions,
  • luggage transport
  • service hotline
  • a tour guide accompanying the group (on a guided tour) 

Everything has been taken care of.

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