Bike Rental

Choose your rental bike

Cycletours rental bikes for tours on the Anna Antal, Clair de Lune, Liza Marleen, MS Provence, Wending, Sailing Home & Zwaan

All our bikes come equipped with:

  • 24 speeds
  • hand brakes
  • pannier bags
  • a good lock
  • water bottle
  • bike helmet

After arrival on board you will be allocated a bicycle suitable to your height. This bicycle is at your disposal during the total duration of your trip. Before you make your first tour, the guide will give you instructions about the bicycle. We draw your attention to the fact that you will be held responsible for damage to or theft of the bicycle, as long as the bicycle is not on board. Never leave it unattended. Always lock it and fasten it to a fixed object. You can insure this bicycle with Cycletours for € 20,- per bicycle or € 40,- per E-bike. If you didn’t arrange cycle insurance when booking you can buy it on board (the first day). Payment in cash is required. 

Hybrid bike

Hybrid 24 gear bike. Men's and women's models available.
€ 95,- per week




E-bike with detachable lithium-Ion battery
We advise only to rent an electric bicycle if you are used to cycle and only need electric support because of, for example, lesser condition. It is a heavy bicycle to handle.
€ 180,- per week

Children's bike

We offer bikes for children (from about 9 years) who are able to bike completely independently and have experience with biking.
We advise you to make a day tour with your child/children prior to your biking holiday. A good alternative would be the trailer bike (see below).

A child’s bike has 21 gears, hand brakes.
There are two different sizes available for children:
from 115 to 135 cm (3’9½” to 4’5”) Size Small
from 135 to 155 cm (4’5” to 5’1”) Size Medium

€ 60,- per week

Trailer bike and child's seat

For children who are not able to bike fully independently we offer trailer bikes. They are the ideal solution to give children a sense of independence. This one-wheeled bicycle is attached to the bicycle of the adult. The child pedals whereas the adult helps a little by ‘pulling’ the bicycle forward.
The trailer bike has 3 gears and is advised for children from age 5 to 8 (up to 35 kilo = 77 pounds). A helmet is included.

We supply children's seats for children from about age 1 to 4 (up to 25 kilo= 55 pounds). A child helmet is included.

Trailer bike: € 55,- per week
Child's seat: € 15,- per week


Bicycle helmet

We provide a bicycle helmet with the bike rental. Although wearing a helmet is not required in the Netherlands, we highly recommend doing so. Children are required to wear the helmets that are provided with the children’s bicycles/seats/trailer bikes. 

Bicycle insurance

Cycletours Holidays provides a good bicycle for you, adjusted to your height. You can insure the bicycle with Cycletours Holidays for € 20,- per hybrid bike, no own-risk/ € 40,- per electric bike, no own risk.