Cycling holidays in France

Cycling in France

For many is France the number one cycling holiday destination. Ride your own Tour de France and get inspired by the beautiful landscapes, famous cuisine and rich culture.

Cycletours Holidays offers you an selection of bike tours in several regions. You can choose between bike and barge or bike and hotel tours in the Alsace, Champagne, Loire Valley or the Provence. All our tours will give you the opportunity to experience the history and beauty from your saddle in the outdoors. The only thing you need to accept is, that you will probably want to go again next year.  

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Cycling in Alsace and Champagne

Alsace and the Champagne, two famous regions of France, have always been desirable. It boasts cultural influences from both France and Germany. With its quaint colourful half-timbered houses, a lush-green landscape, charming towns and incomparable cuisine.

Cycletours Holidays offers bike and barge tours in these regions. A floating hotel sails to the next stage, while you are calmly pedaling along. No lugging of luggage. Our barge Clair de Lune is built to fit on the French waterways. The barge is 34.15 meters long and 5.05 meters wide, which makes it possible to sail in France on the small canals with their narrow locks. It can sail through the tunnels of the Canal de la Marne and the shiplift that transports ships to the next level at Arzviller.


The top things to do on a first-time visit: enjoy a panoramic view of the city from a 324-metre height at the top of the Eiffel Tower, admire Victor Hugo’s beloved gargoyles at Notre Dame Cathedral and stand at the top of the tallest hill in Paris at the Sacré Cœur Basilica. These are the three monuments most popular with visitors to Paris. Not far from Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sainte Chapelle with its beautiful stained glass windows is also well worth visiting.
A short distance from the Champs-Elysées, the Grand Palais, a huge stone, steel and glass structure, hosts prestigious exhibitions. Built by Napoleon, the Arc de Triomphe offers a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the city.
In the heart of Paris, the Louvre is a former royal residence which was transformed into a museum after the Revolution and has since become the world’s most visited museum. The Musée d’Orsay houses the largest collection of Impressionist and post-Impressionist paintings in the world.
Another must-see is the Palais Garnier with its ornately decorated façade and its ceiling painted by Marc Chagall. Finally, a trip out to the Père Lachaise cemetery offers the opportunity to pay homage at the tombs of many famous people.

Cycling holidays Loire

The Loire is one of the most important rivers in France – also for us cyclists, because it’s hardly possible to cycle as well along any other river! Cycle along the Loire cycle path from castle to castle.

The picturesque Loire Valley is known worldwide not only for the Loire itself, but also because of its many enchanting castles. And also for us cyclists, the Loire has not gone unnoticed. The famous cycle path starts in the centre of France, near Briare, and ends on the Atlantic coast in the small town of Saint-Nazaire. You have to cover about 700 kilometres of cycling if you want to say that you have cycled the entire Loire Cycle Path. 
Our advice: embark on the Clair de Lune to cycle from Nevers to Briare or vice versa. 


Arles is a city in the south of France. It was built in the 6th century BC by the Greeks. The Romans took the town in 123 BC and expanded it into an important city. The monuments are there as evidence. In the 1880s the famous painters, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, lived there because of the southern light. Vincent van Gogh painted his famous Sunflowers in Arles. Join one of our tours and see the light that inspired the painters.

Cycling holidays Provence

It’s not only the sweet scent of lavender and the rich history of romans and Popes that will seduce you during your cycling holiday in Provence. The purple fields, the blooming gardens and the locations of the paintings of Van Gogh are also good arguments for booking a bike tour in the Provence.

Cycletours Holidays offers you the most spacious boat available for a bike and boat tour in Europe. Join the MS Provence and cycle the Via Rhôna cycling route from Lyon to Arles of vice versa. A 90 meter long ship with only 26 cabins.  On the main deck the  Imperial Suites are 210 ft²/ 19,5 m² plus balcony.