About us

Cycletours, since 1981

Bicycles are as much a part of the Netherlands as its tulips, windmills and wooden clogs. Children learn how to ride a bike before they can walk, and doing the shopping by bicycle is certainly no uncommon sight. It appears that even the King himself has been seen on his two-wheeled iron steed.

A tradition in Cycling

Holland’s 17 million inhabitants are the proud owners of approximately 25 million bicycles. The country’s infrastructure has been purposely adapted to accommodate the use of a bicycle as a major form of transportation. There exists a network of bicycle paths 37,000 kilometers long(!), incorporating bridges, tunnels and ferries.

It is no surprise to learn therefore, that one of the largest and most experienced organizers of cycling vacations was established in this cyclists’ paradise.

Cycletours Holland

Cycletours originated in 1981, specializing in Bike & Barge Holidays since 1987, designed for the overseas tourist wanting to discover Holland & Europe. We were the first company to offer trips such as these, combining regular cycling tours with overnight stays on a ship, serving as hotel and luggage transport all-in-one! This has lead to an increasing interest in the Netherlands as a tourist destination from many American and Canadian guests. Since a few years we operate under the name of Cycletours Holidays.

Our more than 30 years worth of experience have taught us exactly what the cycling tourist requires: attractive bicycle routes, comfortable quarters with quality food and luggage transport, a sturdy bicycle of the right size, a clear itinerary, and for the groups, a competent guide to assist with technical problems. All the guest has to do is keep the pedals moving round and admire the view – Cycletours Holidays will do the rest. We have a dedicated staff of employees in Amsterdam constantly working to ensure your satisfaction.

We’re all set to go – care to get on your bicycle and join us.