Cycling holidays in Slovakia

Cycling holidays in Slovakia

With an area of less than 50,000 km², which is only just larger than Switzerland or the Netherlands, Slovakia is one of the smaller nations within Europe.

Just like other countries, Slovakia has created an extensive network of cycle paths. The most famous reason to join a bike tour in Slovakia is the Danube cycle path. From the river's source in Germany down to the Black Sea it is about 1,800 miles. On its way, the Danube crosses half of Europe. As a cyclist, you are most probably interested in the Danube's course through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. One of the highlights on the Danube cycle path is the Slovakian capital Bratislava. 
Bratislava is a mosaic of history: a medieval and Gothic old town, baroque palaces, and the crowning castle, rebuilt to Renaissance finery. Slicing through the city are stark-angled, communist-era blocks and a futurist bridge.

Along the Danube cycle path

You can choose between bike and boat tours or bike and hotel tours in Slovakia; guided or self-guided, 8 days or 15 days, start and finish in Passau, Germany or Vienna, Austria or in Budapest, Hungary. Do you want to rent a bike with 21-gears or an e-bike? Do you prefer a cabin on the upper deck or a 4-star hotel? Do you want extra nights in Vienna or in Budapest?

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